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Me and My Bucket Your   Eco-friendly Cleaning & Handyman Service

Building relationships one house at a time!

Me and My Bucket Your   Eco-friendly Cleaning & Handyman Service

Building relationships one house at a time!


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About Us

Our Mission

Our philosophy at Me and My Bucket, LLC is commitment to providing quality eco-friendly janitorial and handyman services that deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  To deliver on this commitment, we bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest quality supplies, and the latest equipment.

We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide our customers the comfort and peace of mind that their property and our company are safe and secure.

Me and My Bucket, LLC   makes donations throughout the year to help those in need, whether it’s assisting the elderly, monetary donations to feed needy families, or being involved in such activities as the Buddy Walk and other organizations.   Interested in volunteer opportunities?  Contact us for more information.


Dale and Debra -Lewes, DE

 "We were extremely satisfied with the cleaning from Me and My Bucket.  The staff provided reliable, high quality service at an affordable price." 

Betty -Rehoboth, DE

"I was extremely happy with the service I received from Me and My Bucket Cleaning.  The owners personally handled the jobs and exceeded my expectations with the cleaning and handyman services I received. "   

Matt and Nancy -Harbeson, DE

"This amazing cleaning/handyman team addressed our water damage problem efficiently and in a timely manner. In addition, they provided their services at a fair cost. We would highly recommend them to any friend or neighbor who needs their talents. We intend to contract them in the near future for renovations to other areas of our home."

Nancy - Millsboro, DE

"Dawn and Nelson are amazing! They work as a team, they are upbeat and energetic.  They are very helpful and thorough with every aspect of the job and they pay close attention to all requests.  A+++ "

Carolyn & Eli - Rehoboth, DE

"There isn't anything Nelson and Dawn  can't do!"

Our Services

Residential, Vacation & Rental Homes

We offer special event cleaning,  and weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services for your home.   Our Rental cleaning services include a variety of linen and handyman packages.

Commercial Cleaning

 We offer commercial property cleaning services on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.

Property Maintenance & Handyman Services

 We will look after your property with thorough inspections of appliances, structure, pests and cleanliness.  We work with vendors and contractors for large scale repairs and major maintenece issues.  

Window Cleaning

 We offer internal and exterior window cleaning for residential and vacation properties. Contact us for a free quote. 

Policies & FAQs


Our Policies and FAQ's

When will your cleaning associates arrive to clean?

Our team members clean during regular business hours - each home or business is assigned a time during the day for cleaning. Our team members do their very best to stick as closely to those start times as possible.However, the arrival time may vary slightly due to things such as traffic, or if our team members find they need to spend a little longer at a home to handle a special request.
If you require a definite starting time for our team members, our office would be more than happy to talk about possible solutions such as making your scheduled cleaning the first appointment of the day.

What about 'Green' Products? Do you use them?

Green cleaning is a broad and often misunderstood term used today to include any number of products and cleaning methods used by cleaning companies with the goal of reducing the impact on our environment while supporting ecologically safe and healthy homes.

While the use of these products is desirable, truly organic 'green' chemicals, unlike disinfectants, do not kill many harmful bacteria. Our approach is to work in a responsible way towards adding increasingly 'green' products to our overall chemical program if appropriate.

Is there anything I should do before you arrive to clean?

Nice of you to ask - yes, it can help our team members if you pick up or put away any clothes, children's toys or other items before we arrive. It is also appreciated if you could make sure your pet is safe and secure before our cleaning associates come to clean. 

What if I can't be home when your team members arrive to clean?

No problem, this is very common. That's why many of our clients decide to provide us with a key and a code if they have an alarm system for their home. All keys are securely marked and controlled to maintain your safety and security. This arrangement works very well and allows us to access your home to clean at the appropriate day and time. If you do not provide us a key, and you are not home to let our team members in at their scheduled cleaning time, a lock-out charge may be applied.

What if I need to reschedule or skip my regular cleaning?

Again, no problem! We realize that life gets busy and sometimes things happen requiring you to move things around. We ask that you please let us know at least 24 hrs. in advance, so we can change our team member's schedules or arrange for an alternative time and date for your cleaning.

What about holidays?

We'll call well in advance of any those nationally recognized holidays to arrange for a better day and time. Speaking of the holidays, be sure to let us know if you are ever in need of extra cleaning in advance of family get togethers, dinner parties, etc. - we're here to help.

How does Me and My Bucket LLC make sure things go right?

Delivering high-quality, worry-free cleaning services depends a great deal on the cleaning service's ability to send out only properly trained cleaning personnel who receive regular inspections and direction from managers.

At Me and My Bucket LLC, all of our team members and supervisors are trained and experienced in using the latest, safest and most effective methods for cleaning homes - like yours!

Who will Me and My Bucket LLC send to clean my home?

Our team members are trained to always be professionals - for example, our members will never eat, drink, smoke or use any of your electrical appliances such as radio or tv while in your home.

Will Me and My Bucket LLC send the same team members each visit?

We always try to clean your home using the same cleaning associates each time, unless due to sickness or other emergency, we are unable to do so.We want you to feel confident in our team members and they are eager to deliver a custom cleaning for your home as quickly as possible.

What if something is damaged while my home is being cleaned?

Please keep in mind that accidents do sometimes happen. We make every attempt to treat your home with the utmost of care and caution. If, however, we break something we will leave the item and a note for you. We will make arrangements to replace the item or to pay for it. Please note - if you have items that are of extreme value, either sentimental or monetary, we would prefer not to clean these items. Also, we cannot be responsible for items that are previously broken to our cleaning or are not fastened in a proper way. 

Important Notes:

Personnel supplied by Me and My Bucket LLC are deemed employees of Me and My Bucket LLC and will not, for any purpose, be considered employees or agents of the customer.Me and My Bucket LLC is an equal opportunity employer. All necessary employment forms will be maintained by our office as required by law. 



What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is a broad and often misunderstood term used today to include any number of products and cleaning methods used by cleaning companies with the goal of reducing the impact on our environment while supporting ecologically safe and healthy homes.

What are the benefits of choosing Green Cleaning?

 Improving the Air You Breathe 

To maintain healthy indoor air quality, many buildings today are being built to be air tight, therefore conserving energy. That is awesome! Conversely, if we use cleaning products that are producing toxic vapors and gases we are tampering with the air we breathe. Many cleaning products are comprised of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These compounds can be extremely hazardous. When exposed over a long period of time these vapors can cause serious illness. Products can contain VOCs merely for the purpose of having a unique fragrance.

When hiring an eco-friendly cleaning company you can have peace of mind that only all natural bio-degradeable products are being used and no VOCs are being emitted that can devastate your indoor air quality. 


Protecting Your Health

It is extremely important to keep hazardous chemicals out of the reach of children. With eco-friendly products you can put your fears aside should a cleaner be ingested.     

Stop Contamination 

Eco-Friendly cleaners are made from natural components; therefore they are biodegradable. This means when we dispose of any of our chemicals we are not polluting the water or soil, and there is no adverse impact wildlife.    

Reduce Your Waste 

Part of going green is decreasing and removing waste and focusing on conservation.   Using reusable items such as mops, rags and sponges helps to reduce unwanted waste.  We can also reduce waste by using only the amount needed and following the directions indicated on the bottles of cleaning products.